“I love to photograph weddings…

I always think it’s an honour to photograph a wedding. As a photographer I think it’s a perfect day as I love to spend the day doing a combination of photos ranging from portraiture to documentary and still life.”

Her style is mostly relaxed and natural with the more traditional group shots worked in so that no one gets offended!

For weddings she prefers to meet the couple beforehand and is always happy to look at venues and to take some pre-wedding photos too.

With so many memorable moments to capture, event photography can be demanding so Ruth often works with another photographer, Pete Tweedie, to make sure all areas are covered.

The image of Maxine and Clifford (underwater kiss) was shortlisted by the judges for the 2019 British Photography Awards. This photo was taken by Ruth and Pete Tweedie on one of the hottest days in 2018… it was the best place to be!

Below are some examples of events that Ruth has captured, if you would like to see some more, or want a reference then please get in touch.

With so many memorable events under her belt Ruth has come across some fantastic cake makers, makeup artists and musicians – just ask if you would like a recommendation.

Wow Ruth! I look like a celebrity! The photos are wonderful and the album perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are very talented.