Two Metres

“These photographs are a study of a set of people, chosen at random, who live in Camden from March to June, 2020.

Photographer Ruth Corney has been riding shotgun in my van on a food aid project I have been running for the Camden New Journal during the pandemic. We have visited individuals, food banks, charities, community centres, co-ops, everyone and everywhere through the streets of our neighbourhoods.

As we have delivered food parcels, we looked for nicely framed architectural clues of where we live and the people who are behind the front doors.

These pictures will help me remember three months of London in Lock Down.

For clarity, not all the people in these photographs received food aid – they were people we met on our routes.”

Dan Carrier, from the book ‘2 Metres’.


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All proceeds from the sale of the book are going to the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation ( AWTF provides children and vulnerable adults with basic needs (such as food, clothing and household necessities) as well as educational and cultural experiences.


Photography – Ruth Corney

Words – Dan Carrier

Editor – Leah Jewett

Printing – Absolute Print

Photoediting – Huzayfah Malik


Dedicated to those who have lost their lives, and those who fought to save them. C-19 2020