Taking the Waters | The Restorative Effects of Outdoor Swimming

TOAST Magazine – 26 March 2022

Elizabeth Metcalfe on her gravitation to cold water and the allure of Hampstead Ladies’ Ponds.

Photographs by Ruth Corney…

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Bathing Shoot

Camden New Journal – 22 July 2019

Photographer Ruth Corney is known for her stunning pictures of the Kenwood Ladies Pond and the Parliament Hill Lido has snapped a year in the life of an open-air swimming pool.

It has been providing a refreshing dip for nine decades and now a year in the life of an open-air swimming pool is being chronicled to mark its 90th birthday…

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Why Highgate Ponds are the perfect getaway

The Kentish Towner – 22 July 2016

‘An award-winning photographer based in north London, Ruth Corney explains her love for the Ponds. “There is something so giving about the ponds. I have been going on a weekly basis for the past 20 years and I feel so lucky to have them. I love the bustle of London. Its such an energetic and exciting place to be, however I do need to escape to the tranquillity of nature. The ponds are the perfect getaway: natures ability to restore and reinvigorate never ceases to amaze me.”…’

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Praise for What Women Believe

Ham & High – 25 February 2016

‘There used to be a hoarding in Harlesden in the 1970s which recorded the ever-escalating amounts rightfully due for the unpaid labour, mostly by women, that underpins waged employment: housework, childcare and smiling…’

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10 of the best walks with a swim near London – Chilworth to Guildford, Surrey

The Guardian – 2 June 2015

‘This eight-mile walk crosses heathland dotted with pretty villages before dropping down to follow the Wey Navigation, where there are many swimming places. The route, from Chilworth station, starts by crossing a strange area of wild and rather forbidding scrub and gorse, but soon gives way to gentle pastures, small woods and cosy commuter villages…’

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